The Mother Tongue Languages Symposium (MTLS) 2016 is an annual event co-organised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Mother Tongue Language Learning and Promotion Committees (MTLLPC), with the support from Early Childhood Development Agency, Chinese Language and Culture Fund, the Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism, Bicultural Taskforce, Singapore Press Holdings and National Library Board.

The MTLLPC's Outstanding Pre-School Mother Tongue Language Teacher Award Ceremony will also be held at the Mother Tongue Languages Symposium to recognise the efforts of our Pre-school MTL teachers.

Into its fifth year, MTLS 2016 will continue to promote bilingual education and supplement efforts by schools and the community in the teaching and learning of Mother Tongue languages, amidst Singapore's increasing number of English-speaking families.

The Symposium comprises exhibitions, performances, sharing sessions/workshops and the sale of learning resources. It showcases schools' continual efforts and success stories in designing innovative programmes and using creative teaching to engage students with their Mother Tongue and to promote each Mother Tongue as a living and culturally dynamic language. The Symposium also features the community's efforts to generate a supportive environment for the learning and use of our Mother Tongue languages.

The Symposium also aims to provide a platform for interaction between parents and children as they discover the joy of learning Mother Tongue languages at the MTL Sensory Trail.